Residential Sheepdog Training Courses

The programme is based upon demonstration and “having a go yourself”. The content is shown under course aims. session will vary, according to the progress made; it is recognized that not all dogs ( or handlers) will progress at the same rate and this will be taken into account. Sessions last approximately two and a half hours  –  two sessions per day.

Instruction may be included, if required on basic handling of sheep.

All participants will be instructed individually and have an opportunity to practice each of the skills demonstrated.


Residential Courses

Full Board

You will receive a warm welcome from Marion, who as well as providing mouth watering, locally sourced, home cooked meals, takes a keen interest in the progress of course members and their dogs.

Self Catering

  • Farmhouse
  • Chalet
  • Shepherds Hut

You are welcome to bring your own caravans etc.

Training a Sheepdog

This information is to help you get the most benefit from our training courses.

You Will Need

  • Your own sheepdog which should have basic obedience i.e. stop, lie down and return to you.
  • Normally under two years of age.
  • Showing some interest in working stock.
  • Recently de-wormed ( last three weeks)
  • Fully vaccinated.



Course Aims

The aims of our courses are to handle and work a sheepdog, at the same time you will train your own dog so that on your command, by voice or whistle it will…

Beginners / Novice

  • Gather a group of sheep
  • Bring them to you from varying short distances
  • Move left and right
  • Circle a group of sheep


Intermediate/ Advanced

  • Larger outruns
  • Shed sheep from a group
  • Pen sheep
  • Double gather i.e. Turn back to fetch second group.

Carry out these movements with a minimum of disturbance and stress to the sheep whilst keeping them under control.

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